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Susan, Penelope's People
I wish I had Magnificent Baby when I was a nanny! It would have made my job sooo much easier! Can't wait to have my own kids.
Selma, Wooly Boo
Where were you when I had babies? This is awesome!
Your product is awesome!
Christie Lynn Smith, Actress
I just had to tell you how cool I think your magnetic baby clothes are!! I want to have another baby just so I can use them!! HA!! We will see...
Jessica Rey, Actress
i absolutely LOVE the little bodysuit you gave me on friday. thank you so much! wonderful concept!!!
Jennifer O., Brooklyn, NY
We love your merchandise for our baby boy, and I'm now buying for friends who are having babies!
Kelly H., Boston, MA
"Hello, and thank you for making such marvelous baby clothing! I have been evangelizing on your behalf to moms-to-be here in Boston." - Kelly H. Boston, MA
The outfits are great - love them. The concept is beyond genius and works so well for me.
Nancy, The Product Mama
It was the only choice for us, who has time for so many snaps or buttons? Magnetic closure is the only way to go (super easy for diaper changes).
Jill Callan, Petunia Babies
“Magnificent Baby sells itself! My customers see that its magnetic and think it’s genius. It’s also my biggest seller for baby shower gifts!”
Jessica B., New York, New York
I just wanted to tell you how great your product is!! I bought a onesie in the fall at the baby expo in NYC and love it.
Amanda L., California
For women like me, whom Rheumatoid Arthritis struck at 28 and has left me severely disabled, who are always on the lookout for ways to make our lives easier and less pain-filled, we need to know that items like your magnetic baby clothes exist! One of the toughest things for me is using my hands to button, snap or zip. I've been telling every mom in a similar circumstance to check out your clothing and the response has been the same, "how come we've never heard of this before? This is awesome!!"
Emi S.
I love your clothes and have bought many for my friends, too! Now that my daughter is older, she can’t fit into my favorite MB clothes anymore. Sometimes when I’m changing my daughter and she gets really impatient, I wish she could fit into her baby clothes again! Please let me know if you have plans to make larger sizes.
Nikki H., RN
Working as an OB nurse at the birth center has opened my eyes to the many special needs of premature and sick infants. My experience grew further when my son, Owen Cristian, was born premature at 34 weeks gestation. The importance of breastfeeding, frequent skin to skin contact, warmth and a low stimulation environment were central in Owen's care. A friend gave to me a "Magnificent Gown" for Owen and it was a treasure. The magnetic closures allow for the baby to be kept warm while allowing for a place for the monitoring cables to be easily accessible and assessments to be easily done without stimulating the infant.
Jen P.,
Your brand is by far the most loved clothing item, I hate over the head onsies, why are there so many on the market!?
Ann T.
I just wanted to say, that I LOVE your magnet concept in baby clothes!!! We were blessed with a pair of the pajamas when our baby son was born. Most AMAZING pj's EVER!!!! I was sad when he quickly grew out of them! He turns 1 year old tomorrow, but has outgrown all of the Magnificent Baby sizes! I cannot tell you how many times I have wished we had more magnetic pj's as he is rolling all over the place when we are trying to get him dressed for bed!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!