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Q. What's Magnificent Baby's Mission?

A.  Our goal is to give busy moms and dads more quality time with their babies.


We know you would much rather spend more magnificent moments with your baby than spend time lining up endless amounts of snaps or buttons while your baby is crying and kicking. With our line of infant’s wear, the outfits do all the work and we love that!     

Q. Will Magnificent Baby save me time?

A. Absolutely! Our Smart Closetm magnetic fasteners practically close themselves.


Q. Will Magnificent Baby save me and my baby stress?

A. No question about it – your baby will be warm and dressed in seconds!


Q. How does it work?

A. Magnificent Baby has a patent-pending magnetic closure system.


Since the conception of our idea, Magnificent Baby has spent a lot (a lot!) of time and energy perfecting our fasteners. All you need to do is line the magnets up and watch them close.


Q. Does exposure to magnets or magnetic fields cause people harm?

A.  Exposure to magnets has not been proven to have harmful (or positive) effects on people.  For more information, you can research on the internet or email us at


Q. What's the largest magnet you can think of?
A. You guessed it. Planet Earth.

Q. Are magnets washer and dryer safe?

A. Yes and Yes! All of our products can be washed and dried just like anything else you would put in a washer and dryer if you carefully follow our care instructions. Most importantly, they won't demagnetize! 
Q. Are there any special washing instructions?

A. Yes-failure to follow these instructions may result in damage to your garment.  Magnificent Baby recommends closing your garment's Smart Closetm fasteners before washing and drying.  Wash or dry your garment with a full load of laundry.  Wash warm with like colors, tumble dry on low, dry for no more than 30 minutes and remove your garments promptly after washing or drying.  Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed and do not use commercial dryers.  Be sure to check your garment's care label (usually inside the garment) for further information.


Q. Have Magnificent Baby’s clothes been safety tested?

A. Absolutely! Magnificent Baby’s products have been independently safety tested by a consumer products safety testing bureau.


Q. Do Magnificent Baby’s products contain lead?

A. No way! Magnificent Baby’s products have been thoroughly tested and all of our products meet lead safety standards.

Q. What's a phthalate and do you have any?

A. Phthalates are chemical plasticizers used in many ways, such as making plastics softer.  Magnificent Baby's products have been thoroughly tested and all of our products meet phthalate safety standards.

Q.What about swallowing magnets?
A. Magnificent Baby's magnetic fasteners are safely sewn into our garments and inaccessible to infants or their siblings.  We know all about the hazards of children swallowing magnets and have taken precautions to prevent any swallowing accidents.  The magnetic fasteners are stitched into our clothes between layers of fabric and would take serious tampering to remove.  
Q. What about pacemakers? I heard magnets can interfere with pacemakers.

A. Magnificent Baby’s magnets are not powerful enough to affect pacemakers (or pinch little fingers). But, you should always be careful and we recommend consulting your physician.